The Esprit Nova™ System overview
The Esprit Nova™ System
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The Esprit Nova™ System


Esprit Nova™- Regulatory and Quality Control
  • FDA clearance
  • Health Canada licence
  • Esprit Nova™ is a class 2 medical device
  • Internationally patent-protected technology
  • Esprit Nova™ has been validated for adults and children(pediatric testing is available in Canada only) with ages greater or equal to 3 and is the only system licensed by Health Canada that can be used in a pediatric population (a world first for unattended at-home sleep evaluation).
Esprit Nova™- Workflow and patient process
The Esprit Nova™ workflow and patient process
The Recorder
A multichannel device, designed for recording physiological data and has the following characteristics:
  • 4 EEG channels
  • 7 configurable polygraphy channels (monopolar, bipolar, AC or DC)
  • 2 effort belts (inductive plethysmography)
  • Airflow sensor
  • Oxygen saturation sensor
  • Positional sensor
  • The data is stored in EDF format.
  • Adjustable sampling rates
Examples of Recorded Data
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Esprit Nova™ Features
  • Full PSG outside of the lab (not only apnea testing) and better
  • Self-application of the test device (in the patient’s home)
  • Automated data analysis of the home-based studies
  • Data review by sleep professionals
  • System scalability to accommodate large patient volumes
Important Clinical Parameters
Measures accurately all the sleep parameters that result from lab studies, notably it measures: sleep duration (TST), REM sleep, arousals, apnea index over the entire diagnostic range, limb movements

Additional parameters available for research only
Markers for PTSD, Markers for MDD, REM density, Spindle density, Respiratory rate, Custom analysis for research