State of the art technology for at-home sleep evaluation.
Frontier solutions in neurosciences.
Frontier solutions in neurosciences and state of the art technology for at-home sleep evaluation
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Frontier solutions in neurosciences and state of the art technology for at-home sleep evaluation

The Company

Signalitica was founded with the aim to bring advanced analytical solutions to the market that permit:
  • the cost-effective expansion of sleep medicine
  • objective measurement in neuropsychiatry for the detection and treatment of mental illness
  • a multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach to at-home population screening
The management system of Signalitica Inc. has been registered by Intertek, an MDSAP recognized auditing organization, as conforming to the requirements of: ISO 13485:2016

Senior Management

Dr. Laszlo Osvath PhD, MSc, SMIEEE
CEO & Senior Scientist

Dr. Osvath comes with a wide multidisciplinary experience in the medical device industry. Over the last 23 years, as Senior Scientist he designed algorithms in epileptology, sleep medicine, neurocritical care that have been included in the workflow of many hospitals around the world such as The Mayo Clinic, Yale University Hospital, Columbia University Hospital, New York, Rush University Medical Center Chicago, Kings College London UK, Massachusetts General, Toronto Western, Sick Kids Toronto, London Health Sciences( Canada), etc. Some examples of algorithms designed by Dr. Osvath are: interictal spike detection, seizure detection, for scalp and intracranial applications, LTM and brain surgery planning, sleep staging for all ages, level of consciousness monitoring, EEG background pattern classification for the NICU, respiratory analysis, cardiac analysis, etc.

Dr. Osvath holds 4 patents, notably he is the inventor of the worlds first unattended automated system for at-home sleep evaluation and of the first biological marker for major depressive disorder based on neurophysiology.

Our team has a solid track record in bringing state of the art medical products to market. The team is dedicated to delivering highest quality products and will continue spearheading innovation in the at-home electrophysiology monitoring sector.