Esprit Nova™ Sleep is everybody's business
Sleep is everybody's business
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Sleep is everybody's business

Increase your revenues and efficiency by including Esprit Nova™ in your workflow

Esprit Nova™ can be adopted by: sleep medicine specialists, respirologists, pediatricians, cardiologists, occupational health specialists, sleep dentistry, insurance companies, psychologists, sport medicine facilities, wellness companies, executive health companies. By including the Esprit Nova™ system in their workflow, our clients have the ability to increase their revenues substantially and streamline their operations.
Sleep studies performed with Esprit Nova™ are better tolerated by patients than tests performed in the lab and they eliminate the bias given by the first night effect, characteristic to lab studies.

Organizations that implemented the Esprit Nova™ system

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Business Opportunities

Dentists - The Esprit Nova™ system helps improve the sensitivity of the apnea tests through the accurate detection of a large number of mild and moderate apnea patients that would pass undetected with current HST (L3/4) devices. This increase can be as high as 50%. A false negative L3 test is a wasted test and leads to an untreated patient with associated consequences for the patient, insurer and your business. Esprit Nova™ enables dentists to implement more efficiently oral appliance therapy for OSA in their clientelle.

Statistics show that cardiologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational health specialists see more apnea patients than labs do, unbeknownst to them. Detecting apnea would help these groups of specialists improve the therapeutic management of their patients.
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Pediatric sleep – there is a large gap in coverage with respect to the pediatric population, with important consequences. Esprit Nova™ was validated on pediatric studies and was found to be equivalent to lab studies. Esprit Nova™ can help to bridge this gap.
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POSITION STATEMENT ON PEDIATRIC SLEEP by the College of Family Physicians of Canada, Canadian Pediatric Society, Canadian Sleep Society & the Canadian Psychology Association.

Because of the high prevalence of sleep disorders and deprivation in pediatric populations, their scope, and their negative impact on children, adolescents and families, and because pediatric sleep disorders are underdiagnosed and undertreated, and many families have trouble accessing sleep services, the College of Family Physicians of Canada, Canadian Pediatric Society, Canadian Sleep Society and the Canadian Psychological Association, in order to improve healthy sleep for children and adolescents, recommend the following:
Screen for the presence of pediatric sleep deprivation and disorders.

Evaluate sleep disorders and deprivation and search for causes starting with an appropriate history and physical examination.

Determine when investigations such as a sleep study need to be conducted.

Offer interventions and counseling.

Make appropriate referrals for sleep disorders that require more specialized care.

Healthy sleep is the goal for all infants, children and adolescents, however history and clinical examination perform poorly in the case of pediatric OSA (64% and 46% respectively were quoted).

Esprit Nova™ can significantly improve the detection of pediatric OSA and other sleep disorders. Esprit Nova™ is the only system licensed by Health Canada that can be used in a pediatric population.